Sunday Worship

11:00am - 12:30pm

145 Esmeralda Dr.

Who We Are

We are a non-denominational Christian Church. We've worked to create a church designed just for people who thought God was important to their lives.

At Washoe Valley Christian Church, we're all about loving God, Loving Jesus and Loving People. Read More->

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About Us

Our mission statement is clear and simple: Helping people follow Christ.

We present a 30 minute music ministry so as to bring in some of the old hymns for our wonderful spirit-filled seniors, as well as a mixture of contemporary for the younger generation. We also ask families with children to stay with their families to worship our Lord in song. (Then, prior to the message, we dismiss the children to their Sunday school classes). The Pastor’s message is always focused on “helping one another, building up one another, and loving one another.

Good News in terms that anyone can understand and relate to, regardless of where they are in their journey with Christ. We also provide ministries, worship and service opportunities, small groups, Bible studies and a series of classes that inspire and encourage spiritual growth for those who are following Christ.

Directly after services there is a potluck served in the fellowship hall for all who would like to share together. We want you to know that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we're here to help you take the next step, to offer you a safe place to investigate the claims of Christ, and to help you grow deeper in your relationship with Him.

Our Leadership

Richard Birmingham, Pastor

Mark Ashworth, Elder

Chris Whitbeck, Elder

Steve Zettler, Deacon

Nick Gibson, Deacon